director's notes, a book

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A collection of essays on theater, life, and family. 

"This was an utter delight to read. Your prose is pure gold, capturing nuance and emotion with a clarity and passion sorely lacking in most of the world’s verbiage."
 "Your director's notes brought me to tears. Your writing moves me every time."
"I loved what you wrote in your Director's Notes, '...stories are all we are, all we have, all we will ever be. We only exist in the sharing.'"
"Lovely, lovely notes that I want to read and re-read again. You have so many gifts that you share with us, and your exquisite writing-poetic and singing, philosophical and soul moving takes me to new and mind opening places. Thank you, thank you!"

12 Tips for taking kids to the theater


Published by ParentMap and BlueStar Families 

Theater offers a unique opportunity for connection and conversation, especially with tweens and teens. Theater can be both fabulous entertainment and meaningful art. Enjoying theater with kids is easy, especially if you approach the experience with appropriate expectations and a few goal-oriented strategies. Here are a few ways to set the stage for connecting with your kids through a theater experience.