Arts educator/non-profit leader with 25+ years of experience. Veteran director of classic, contemporary, and new plays. Narrative non-fiction writer and fiction/non-fiction/drama writing coach. Versatile teacher. Youth and family mentor/advocate. Community-builder and social justice fighter. 

Through all I do - write, coach, direct, consult - I aspire to increase our capacity to connect, reflect, and create. in order to make a more curious, compassionate and creative world. 


  • Intellectually rich, socially engaged, emotionally trenchant, highly entertaining art.

  • Inclusive, creative spaces for youth.

  • Connections between individuals, non-profits, and organizations to advocate for and strengthen our collective capacity.

  • Opportunities for new and emerging artists, educators, and leaders to gain professional experience and connections that can help them in their career and life path.

  • Opportunities for seasoned and experienced artists, educators, and leaders to refresh their craft, expand their skills, and deepen their engagement and joy in their work.

  • Powerful storytelling that clarifies and communicates mission, vision, and values.