Arts educator/administrator with 20+ years of experience. Gregory-nominated theater professional. Veteran director of classic, contemporary, and new plays. Versatile coach and teacher. Leader of theater for community engagement and social equity. 

Through directing, writing, producing, and artistic leadership, I aspire to increase our capacity to connect, reflect, and create. in order to make a more curious, compassionate and creative world. 


  • Intellectually rich, socially engaged, emotionally trenchant, highly entertaining theater.
  • Safe, creative spaces for diverse, gifted, disabled, socially awkward, anxious, hyperactive, introverted, extroverted,  meek, powerful, and/or everything in-between and else youth.
  • Connections between individuals, non-profits, and organizations to advocate for youth, empower artists, and strengthen our collective capacity.
  • Opportunities for new and emerging artists to gain professional experience and connections that can help them in their career and life path.
  • Opportunities for seasoned and experienced artists and educators to refresh their craft, expand their skills, and deepen their engagement and joy in their work.
  • Essays and stories of clarity and depth on a wide variety of topics: arts, humanities, education, travel, environment, family, personal development.