Sometimes it only takes an hour to change a life.

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Artistic Creation. Organizational Leadership. Community Building. Parenting. Growing Up.

Mission-driven work can be a lonely business. Sometimes you need an outside eye, a supportive ear, a touch of accountability, a taste of what’s possible.

Leverage my 25+ years experience in the arts, non-profit, and education sectors to move you forward. I am a dynamic speaker, cogent listener, rapid synthesizer, and avid analyzer.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off breakthrough session or an ongoing support system, I look forward to working with you to creating a structure to advance your goals.

"Shana Bestock is a transformational educator, quickly identifying what lies within her students and bringing it to the fore, to the sphere of interaction with others where gifts can be realized and shared. A focused listener and observer, she has a deft touch and a deeply compassionate manner rarely encountered in our hurly-burly world. Shana is a magical influence reminding us that the world is greater than the sum of its parts: she expertly identifies those ingredients, encouraging them, drawing them out and showing us what we can be." - John Wynn, MD



coaching packages


Short story or a play you’re trying to finish? Lots of ideas but nowhere to start? College essay application have you questioning your own identity? Let me help you move forward! With decades of experience working with teens and adults, I can come in at any stage in the process, from prompt to final edit. Together we personalize a plan of action to work towards your goals while deepening your own creative voice and clarity.

Organizational TEAM-BUILDING

Amazon team-building workshop

Amazon team-building workshop

Re-define team-building by breaking the mold with some improv, scene-work, and maybe even a little Shakespeare! Creative storytelling exercises help open up possibilities for your work and expand your capacity to communicate with clarity and passion. Experience your colleagues in new and fun roles, and work together to create something exciting!

Organizational development

Specializing in arts and education, and with decades of experience building partnerships across business, non-profit, and governmental sectors, I am always working to gain a deeper knowledge of our civic fabric and how I can contribute to its resilience and vitality. My consultancy works leverage my skills and experience to connect me with amazing individuals and powerful organizations, and in turn connect them with each other. Areas of focus: Program development, Partnerships and collaborations, Board/staff communication.

ACTING (and LIFE) coaching

Sometimes you just want help finding an audition piece. Sometimes you want to know whether this whole acting thing is worth it. Maybe you’re trying to decide whether to major in acting. Maybe you want to try directing and don’t know where to start. Whatever your artistic journey, I’d like to help you clear a path and move towards your goals.

Production Photo - Wayne Rawley’s “The Kid Who Could Fly”

Production Photo - Wayne Rawley’s “The Kid Who Could Fly”